We're attending UK Games Expo!

We've heard UK Games EXPO was the biggest board games event in the UK, so we've decided to give it a try :-) Factory of Ideas will be there showing our games: Chromosome, Top a Top Family as and a prototype of the Essence. Can't wait to see you there!  






Chromosome is an asymmetrical, tactical board game. As an alien microbe, unaware of your impending doom, you struggle to survive and to escape the laboratory. You will spawn your microbe, fight other microbes, manipulate energy, create radioactive spaces, and finally mutate – to get new genes (four different types) that will help you to fight better, grow faster, and overcome your opponents. Your goal is to create the most effective set of genes to thrive in an environment that might be different each time you play.



Fast and exciting gameplay powered by deep but intuitive mechanics are the most notable features of the game. If you like games that require tactical skills, that give you an opportunity to fight other players, games that are highly replayable and give you completely different but balanced factions to play with – Chromosome is a game for you! 



TopATop Family is an amazing family party game for 3-6 players, aged 4 and above. The gameplay time depends on the number of players and takes between 15 and 30 minutes. It is a simple and very dynamic game, where you will have a chance to use your dexterity, observation and quickness. You will learn the rules in a flash, but the fun will last for long. 

During the game you subsequently put cards in the middle of the table and react appropriately to the pictures on the cards played. A player who does that better (quicker, more accurate or without making a mistake) than others – wins that challenge and collects that card. Whenever it is hard to tell who the winner is, the decision is to be made by all players. In a case they can not come up with an agreement, that challenge stays unsettled. The game ends when the last tile is played. Whoever has the most tiles collected during the game – becomes the winner!





In The Essence, you will take on a role of powerful queens and kings, ruling over dominions, located on islands floating in the sky. Your main goal is to gather magical Essence and crystallize it in order to produce enough Crystal Shards and restore the Great World Crystal. Only the one who can best his foes with military, political and economic genius and can read the ancient prophecy will achieve that goal and become the Emperor of the New World! 



During the game you will develop your „flying kingdom”, build, expand, hire loyal advisors, fight other nations and complete quests which will bring you closer to your ultimate goal – rebuilding the Great Crystal and becoming the Emperor of the New World!

Each turn you can take one of the following:

- add a segment to your island (a building or monument)
- complete a quest
- take one main action and as many side actions as you want (including attacking, gathering supplies, gaining prestige points, trade etc.)

Everything in order to crystallize enough Essence to create more Shards of the Crystal than your opponents.

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